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🌻 — I’m out of the country for a few days and my b/f welcomes me back with my favorite flowers and the BIGGEST I’ve ever seen them!!! In addition to cleaning his room (bc he knows how nit picky I get) 😂 lmao - I couldn’t ask for anything more 😍🌻 love love loveeeee him!!
Bridal play suit

Questions that need answers.

You don’t. You veet/nair or wax them. Voila!
I swear this man drives me effin crazy sometimes!! I really don’t ask for much 😒😩
#fbf 💜❤️ I sweat him so much 😅 lolll | ahhhh he loves it!
Cliché cliché. (at Westfield Mall Stratford)
We’re sooo tired — “Off to foreign” ✌️✈️ #BritishAirways | London, see you in 7hrs
#tbt 2013… Europe…I’ll see you next week. 🎒✌️ (at Notre Dam de Paris)

Fooling around in the studio before teaching my classes <3 😋👯 | #idance (well..try to) lmbo (at Adele’s Creative Dance Center)


Featuring: Berta Wedding Dresses Winter 2014 Bridal 

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French Colombian male model, Alexander Masson.

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When you know your outfit hotttt

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Spring 2012

I want herrrrrrr but in ivory



i scrolled down for an explanation and there was none


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